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Written by:
Bas Hollenberg


Koppel Tax Consultants Signs Up as Horizontal Supervisor

Koppel Tax Consultants recently, on 27 September 2013, signed the Horizontal Supervision Covenant, with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration’s Amsterdam Branch’s deputy director, Eric Lampe, signing on behalf of the authorities. This has made Koppel Tax Consultants only the third RB-accredited consultancy in The Netherlands to join the Horizontal Supervision scheme. (RB is short for Register Belastingadviseurs or Register of Tax Advisors, and is the name of professional organization for tax consultants in The Netherlands.)

Innovative Collaborative Format
Koppel by signing up to the Horizontal Supervision scheme has given its clients access to the benefits of this innovative collaborative arrangement between the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and (Dutch-based) tax consultancies. The new scheme, which enables costs to be cut owing to time being saved, is anchored in mutual trust, appreciation and transparency. Recommendations for admission to the Horizontal Supervision scheme are made by the (Dutch) Register of Tax Advisors, with the Tax and Customs Administration performing a quality control assessment to make sure that the processes are all properly safeguarded and fiscal matters such as the filing of tax returns are handled in accordance with prevailing regulations.

Predominantly Client Benefits
Nico Koppel, the founder and co-owner of Koppel Tax Consultants, is delighted with this most recent of developments and explains: “Having successfully been put through our paces, we are now in a position as one of the very first tax consultancies in the country to practise Horizontal Supervision for the benefit of our clients. What this means is that those of our clients which decide to join the scheme will be able to rely on the prompter finalisation of tax-related procedures such as returns and petitions in combination with fewer inquiries and greater legal certainty in the event of a tax dispute with the authorities.” Read more in our leaflet “Client Benefits with Horizontal Supervision.pdf

Risk Control
Nico Koppel additionally sees the Horizontal Supervision “hallmark” as confirmation that his consultancy is running an appropriately tight ship, and goes on to point out: “Because proven control of internal processes is a must in order for our clients to be admitted to the scheme, their ‘making the cut’ doubles as quality assurance of their own organization. Horizontal Supervision in addition to enabling our clients to enhance the efficiency of their own organization can also help them prevent their reputation being damaged. The deployment of Horizontal Supervision at larger-scale businesses fosters a proper fiscal risk control system and in doing so enables a better insight being gained into risks and opportunities of a fiscal nature.”

Koppel Tax Consultants Signs Up as Horizontal Supervisor  Koppel Tax Consultants Signs Up as Horizontal Supervisor  Koppel Tax Consultants Signs Up as Horizontal Supervisor  Koppel Tax Consultants Signs Up as Horizontal Supervisor

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