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Do you want direct access to important fiscal and financial news? Thanks to Koppel Services, staying up-to-date has never been easier. Our news section offers in-depth insights into a wide range of financial, organizational, administrative and tax-related topics. As part of our professional philosophy, we keep track of important developments across a wide range of industries. This not only gives us a uniquely comprehensive perspective on international tax laws and regulations, but also allows us to delve deeper into subjects that are relevant to your business. If you're looking for a specific story or insight, please select a category to the right. Our news selection will update automatically to reflect your choice.


The NOW scheme

Written by: Marcel Frazer | 1 April 2020

The NOW scheme is aimed at helping out employers whose sales for the months of March to May nclusive have plummeted by 20 percent or more.

corporation tax

Corporation tax exemption for associations

Written by: Nico Koppel | 6 February 2020

Associations or foundations that carry on business operations will be liable for corporation tax. They can qualify for exemption.

Labour Market in Balance Act

Labour Market in Balance Act

Written by: Marcel Frazer | 12 December 2019

One of the Labour Market in Balance Act’s components concerns the differentiation depending on type of employment contract …

tax assessment

Timely finalisation of tax assessment

Written by: Herman Ruijter | 1 November 2019

The Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal contended that it was the respective dates of the assessments which dictated their chronology …

value-added tax number

Privacy-proof value-added tax number for sole traders

Written by: Andrija Božović | 14 October 2019

With effect from the first of January 2020 sole traders in the Netherlands are to be given a new value-added tax number.

Tax Plan

2020 Tax Plan

Written by: Herman Ruijter | 19 September 2019

Read more about the Dutch Cabinet’s “2020 Tax Plan” and the six Bills!

Small Business Scheme

Application for revised Small Business Scheme

Written by: Sean-Paul Smit | 1 August 2019

Business owners who apply for admission to the revised Small Business Scheme are exempted from having to file turnover tax returns or …

sole traders

Sole tradership

Written by: Sean-Paul Smit | 4 July 2019

Sole traders are being eligible for particular tax benefits that employees go without. Read more in our article!

Implementation Decree

Turnover Tax Implementation Decree up for amendment

Written by: Marcel Frazer | 5 June 2019

The forthcoming amendment of the Turnover Tax Implementation Decree 1968 will release small business owners from the obligation …

payment term bank account

Shortening of payment term for large companies in the offing

Written by: Willemijn Houter | 1 May 2019

Large companies have been under the obligation for the past two years to settle the invoices their SME suppliers raise with them within 60 days of the invoice date, this being the statutorily defined maximum payment term.

Income tax return

Income tax return for 2018: Interest on tax

Written by: Stan Evers | 5 April 2019

The income tax return season for 2018 has been open since the first of March 2019.

income tax return

Income tax return for 2018

Written by: Willemijn Houter | 1 March 2019

Your pre-completed income tax return for 2018 is ready for you to be used. Please find a summary of this year’s changes compared with 2017 and other points for particular attention.


Would you like to avoid paying interest on tax and reduce your “Box 3” income tax charge at the same time?

Written by: Stan Evers | 1 November 2018

Your provisional income tax assessment enables you to settle up your outstanding tax for the current fiscal year in advance.

30 percent ruling

The “30 percent ruling” regime and your provisional income tax assessment for 2019

Written by: Stan Evers | 2 October 2018

One of the announcements made was that the legislator with effect from 2019 is curtailing the 30 percent ruling for so-called knowledge migrants to five year.

value-added tax

Recovery of value-added tax paid in 2017

Written by: Sean-Paul Smit | 1 September 2018

If you are a business owner who in 2017 made value-added tax payments in an EU Member State other than the Netherlands without having tax filing liability there, you have the option of recovering the value-added tax.

provisional refund

Adjustment of provisional refund

Written by: Stan Evers | 9 August 2018

If in the past you have successfully applied for a provisional income tax refund or provisional income tax assessment, you would do well from time to time to reassess your (financial cum fiscal) situation and communicate the necessary adjustments to the Tax and Customs Administration.


Discontinuing your sole tradership? Don’t wait any longer!

Written by: Stan Evers | 4 June 2018

You have the option under current legislation for a term of up to six months of the end of the year of suspension of the current business operations to transfer the cessation profit to an annuity account.


Are you ready for the implementation of the GDPR?

Written by: Stan Evers | 2 May 2018

The 25th of May is the effective date of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), which from this date onwards will be the overriding data protection standard throughout Europe.


Avoid interest on tax by checking your provisional 2017 tax assessment now!

Written by: Stan Evers | 3 April 2018

The essence of “interest on tax” is that your outstanding income tax will be augmented by interest at a rate of 4% or more, whereas your outstanding corporation tax will have an 8% or greater interest charge added to it.

sole tradership

Conversion from sole tradership to private limited liability company

Written by: Stan Evers | 2 March 2018

If you are currently running your business under sole tradership form, it may be worth your while to consider a conversion to private limited liability company form,

Check your provisional tax assessment(s) for 2018!

Written by: Stan Evers | 1 February 2018

It is not unusual for this time of year to see provisional assessments for income and corporation tax coming thick and fast, demanding up-front initial payment or confirming a rebate.

good intentions

Let’s hear it for good intentions!

Written by: Stan Evers | 3 January 2018

A new year is the perfect opportunity to think about good intentions. What are your good intentions? Let us help you start!

turnover tax

End-of-year turnover tax tips

Written by: Marcel Frazer | 11 December 2017

Do not overlook your input tax credit adjustment! Read our end-of-year turnover tax tips!


End-of-year tips for businesses

Written by: Bas Hollenberg | 5 December 2017

KIA, the small-scale investment allowance scheme, has been designed with the aim of boosting capital expenditure.

Turnover tax

Turnover tax on irrecoverable outstandings

Written by: Willemijn Houter | 4 December 2017

You will be able to recover the turnover tax component by including it in your inaugural turnover tax return for 2018!

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